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Recently when contacted some buyers have stated that they don't want to buy from an agent!  Just to make this clear that Pt. Tosalena is a foreign owned company with Indonesian Management, sales and marketing is performed out of Los Angeles, CA.  Any one that has bought from Indonesia understands the reason for this, the time and communication with Indonesia can be very challenging for the most experienced buyer.  If you would like to deal with the factory direct you are more than welcome to just give them a call or you can even skype them when they are online at the top of our page or drop by the factory when you are in Yogyakarta.  So if you deal with the factory or from our Los Angeles office we look forward to talking to you and answering all your questions.


For a few weeks we were having trouble receiving enquiries on our website.  The problems have been fixed, if you have asked for a price list or had general questions and have not had an answer back from us please let us know.

Thank You for your understanding 

We are not getting your information if you have enquired for a catalogue or you would like us to contact you in the last 3 weeks.  Please email us at and we will be able to help you.  Sorry for this problem but it should be fixed soon. 


All containers that were on Sale have been sold.  Thank You for your interest we will be posting updates when we have other containers we need to sell fast.

We currently have three containers of merchandise that we are selling at discounted pricing with immediate shipment available. One container has already shipped from the factory and the other two are available immediately. If you are interested in one or all of these, please call or email We need to sell these containers fast.


January, 26th 2010

We have redesigned our website to facilitate easier viewing of our product details and prices. You can search by code, collection, item or any other criteria you require. You can download our latest catalogue based on your specifications and request pricing information in one seamless step. 


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