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Indonesian furniture Natural Wood Slab Collection

The Natural Wood Slab Collection - This collection made from natural solid wood contains hardwood furniture made from Mungur or Munggur wood. The tables and benches are solid, having a thickness of up to 5 inches, kindly see our slab bench. The collection seeks to provide this same furniture style for different uses, adapting the furniture pieces to diverse activities. The solid wood dining room furniture, as well as other furnishings in this collection, have a natural curved edge.  Proper species name for Mungur is Samanea Saman and is also known as slubin, trembesi, ki hujan, Dutch tamarind, crow bean tree, monkey pod.  Please let us know if you have any question concerning this line or any of our products.



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product detail : 14 Foot Slab Dining Table

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Code : TAB2108
Measure : W: 112 cm - D: 427 cm - H: 79 cm
  : W: 45 inch - D: 168.25 inch - H: 31.25 inch
Information :

14 Foot Slab Dining Table 

Min 44”   44(+12)WX168LX31H

Min 110cm 112(+30)WX427L79H

What statement this will make in your customers store, showroom or home.  Great value for this one of a kind piece!  14ft or 42meters long.  We highly recommend trying this piece and you will find this as a standard reorder, also 6ft and up in size.