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Indonesian furniture Antique Reproduction

Antiques Reproductions

Our antique Indonesian furniture contains armoires, beds, buffets, dining tables, chairs, benches, desks and even children furniture. Our reproductions range from 18th century reproduction furniture to antique mirrors, rococo beds and Chippendale. This is hand carved furniture and the collection consists of mainly teak, fruit wood and mahogany furniture. Diverse accessories, fireplaces, hallstands, plant stands and small furniture are also available. The collection nevertheless contains cabinets, bookcases and sideboards products. All reproductions are exclusive, reflecting the past through their style, form, colors, touch and brand.


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product detail : 2 COLUMN FIREPLACE painted cream

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Code : HK938C
Measure : W: 180.3 cm - D: 25.4 cm - H: 132.08 cm
  : W: 71 inch - D: 10 inch - H: 52 inch