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What Makes Us Different

Indonesian furniture What Makes Us Different




















Concerning Indonesian Antique Reproduction Furniture: 

1. Construction - "to split or not to split...."

a. Cracking and splitting of solid wood -We use floating tops, an age old construction technique, to avoid this problem. This technique allows the tops to adapt freely, as wood expands and contracts. When buying a table or console, turn it over and check if the top is glued or screwed on. We advise you not to buy merchandise constructed in this manner. Odds are, it will split in the future, since solid wood contracts and expands. Where it is not possible to use a floating solid wood top, we substitute it with veneered plywood.

b. Drawer Construction - We have carried over the same floating techniques (or substituted with veneered plywood where applicable) to the construction of our drawers. This method assures that the drawer bottoms will not split.

c. Chippendale Chairs - Most Indonesian dining chairs sold on the market today split and/or crack due to improper construction or inadequate joinery. Rather than relying merely on a mortised joint, our chairs are additionally reinforced with metal screws and larger corner blocks. This method of reinforcement ensures a Chippendale chair of superior quality.

d. Guide Rails and Drawer Stops - Another common problem with Indonesian furniture is that the drawers either stick or fall out. All our drawers have stops. Additionally, we are in the process of adding hard-wood glides. These improved features are not common to Indonesian manufacturing.

2. Finish - We offer a traditional red mahogany finish, using an 8-step finishing technique that ensures an even, consistent tone that is durable and water-resistant. We also offer a hand-rubbed brown finish on request.

3. Fabric - We offer many different types of fabrics. Examples can be found on our home page. We don't mix fabrics on your sets of chairs, unless you request it.

4. Quality control - "The buck stops here."
We assign an individual code to each item that we produce . This allows us to trace any defects back to the individual responsible for the particular manufacturing stage. If you look on the back of each of our items, you will find a metal strip with a 9-digit serial number. We have found that direct accountability ensures the consistent quality of our product.

5. Service - From the first call you make to obtain product information, to the last call to us asking "where are the keys to my nighstand," we are there for you through every step of your buying process. Over the last nine years, we have built an enviable reputation for informed, consistent, and supportive service.

6. Diversity of Product - We are the only manufacturer able to export such an extensive product line on one container. We offer antique reproductions, colonial teak, teak garden, painted (whitewash distressed), all of which can be purchased in any quantity and combination on a single container.